FlexoArt - Hoses



For our peristaltic pumps we use Norpren tubing – To ensure a high-quality optimized operation all parts need to be of equally high quality, that is why we use Norprene industrial grade tubing.

Outlasts and outperforms virtually all other general service tubing in peristaltic pump applications due to it´s high flexural fatigue strength, superior weathering and abrasion resistance.

*Tech Tip – Use LL Lube for best performance – spray once a week and extend the hose life.

Available in sizes

Inner dia 6,4×2,4mm
Inner dia 7,9×2,4mm
Inner dia 9,5×2,4mm
Inner dia 12,7×3,2mm

For water based ink
PVC hose – Wire reinforcement incorporated for elimination of bending risk, ensures to keep the hose dia when used for suction.
Available in sizes:
Inner dia 12×3,0mm
Inner dia 20×3,5mm
Inner dia 25×4,0mm
Inner dia 32×4,2mm
Inner dia 45×4,5mm

For solvent based ink
EPDM hose – Grey outside, inside black antistatic EPDM. Good durability, -40°- +100°
Available in sizes:
Inner dia 13×4,0mm
Inner dia 19×4,5mm
Inner dia 25×5,0mm
Inner dia 32×6,0mm


FlexoArt - Hoses
FlexoArt - Hoses
FlexoArt - Pump hose lubrication spray