Narrow web LP3

FlexoArt - Narrow web LP3

The FlexoArt LP3 is a chamber system platform developed and manufactured by FlexoArt, setting a new standard for high performance ink transfer and doctoring systems for narrow web applications.

FlexoArt offers complete standard solutions for web width between 150-700mm, new installations or retrofit are performed with no or a minimum of preparation of the printing press. The LP3 chamber system platform works equally well in any make of narrow web printing press, e.g. Nilpeter, Mark Andy, Focus, Lemu, MPS, Gallus etc.

Portraited below is a single system installation in an MPS EF410 build year 2012, allowing tool-less repositioning to any position in the printing press. No mechanical preparation work whatsoever was required to fasten the chamber system to the printing press.

FlexoArt focus on designing functional systems for doctoring. With FlexoArt dual chamber design and always circulating the ink we make sure that we always can run with low pressure doctoring without having a leakage in the machine. It is a key point to always circulate the ink, this prevents heavy ink from settle and lets the ink rest outside the chamber, either in the filling box or in the ink bucket.

FlexoArt - Narrow web LP3 features

Two options of operating

Option 1
By external circulation where a pump is transporting the ink from an ink bucket and pumps it back into the inner chamber through the inlet pipe. The ink is then returned through the outlet pipe and back to the ink bucket by gravity. For extreme viscosities a second pump can be used to pull the ink out through the outlet pipe.

Option 2
By internal circulation where a pump is transporting the ink through the suction pipe from the filling box and then pumps it back into the inner chamber through the inlet pipe. In the filling box ink can be manually added when needed and thus allowing a minimal volume of ink and keeping the benefit of circulating the ink.

Flexoart recommend to use a peristaltic pump for UV inks and for solvent or water based a dual diaphragm pump or a peristaltic pump.


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