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There’s a reason the car makers don’t manufacture its own brakes.

We are experts at what we do and produce tested and proven products. Why spend time and energy to make chambers yourself, when we have a solution that’s easily adapted to your specific needs?

  • Instant access to 40+ years of experience and knowledge
  • Adaptable system, easy to customize to your needs
  • Cost-effective production (in-house)
  • Easy communication with R&D
  • Different level of ink handling, pump solutions
  • Continuously developing and improving products

We’re a pioneer in building doctoring chambers, and today we’re a leading market player in a wide range of doctoring chamber technologies, with a strong brand in the retrofit and OEM spaces.

Our facility located in Sweden is a state-of-the-art building with high in-house production capacity. We use short decision paths with a flexible internal structure. This allow us to act swiftly and produce any customized solutions needed in a short time. Trusted by high end OEM’s.


Buy new or bring your machine up to date?!

Whether you have an old or recent press/unit that you have issues with that forces you to accept the extra work it potentially carries out, too much cleaning and down time, ink/material waste due to inconsistency in the ink metering or you have to lower the speed because of vibrations or ghost print?

Retrofitting has proven a smart alternative because it brings the machine back to life at a fraction of the cost of a new machine and much faster as well. In the past fountain roller system was the main target for retrofit but focus today is stack presses and CI presses 5-20 years old.

Converting your Flexo/varnish unit to FlexoArt doctor blade chamber system would not only give you control over the ink metering but also enables you to go up in speed, less cleaning and reduces the down time.

Thanks to our concept, the “low pressure chamber” and the patented suspension bar, the retrofit installation doesn’t need oversized hoses for ink and no pneumatics needed. We can get rid of lot of existing parts; this will increase the space and make easier handling of the machine itself.


We need to know;
– Anilox dia and face length.
– Number of decks.
– Solvent, water based or UV ink.
– What pump/cleaning system do you use.
– A couple of pictures of the existing system (inside press)

That’s it! Please contact us for more information.

For a multi-color press, we suggest installing one unit and run production for about 1-2 months. This reduce the learning curve for the operators, and after they are feeling comfortable with the new system, we install the rest of the decks. Our experience says that this is the smoothest way for a transition.

6-10 weeks. Regardless of quantity

1-2 days for a 4-color press.
2-4days for an 8-color press.

Please see our contact page. If we have no representative in your area feel free to contact us directly.

Complete chamber assembly. All suspension parts needed, service tray, consumables for a first period of operation, installation and training. Pumps and hoses if required.

Spend a few days before the installation to disassemble the old system and clean the press. It makes the installation faster, but you will also have a much better looking press!

If the staff is skilled in normal technical installations, no problem.

We normally train all shifts during the installation but it’s also possible to do it remotely.

Not only does this energize your old machines to perform better, but it saves money. Not only is the investment smaller compared to buying a new one. It is a reasonable solution since the old machine can match all your expectations and you will gain a new control over the press with high accuracy and continuous quality of the printing.

A significant portion of benefits will be delivered by upgrading to FlexoArt chamber system. It doesn’t matter how good the printing press is if the chamber can’t keep up and maintain the doctoring.

Without question the chamber system/anilox roll is one of the most crucial parts of the printing press and it determines your output both in raw production but also staff (happy staff – happy life).

On your pressroom floor your printing press represent significant capital investment, why not have it in the best condition possible.

Did you know that FlexoArt started 30 years ago with retrofit installations?
The market in the beginning was mainly fountain roller systems but after customers saw the use of the FlexoArt chamber system we started to exchange original mounted chambers. Today our customers retrofit “new” machines and several OEM’s use our chamber systems as “first-dress” on brand new machines.

Become our next partner, start with a call or send an e-mail directly to our head of design.

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