FlexoArt Chamber System

FlexoArt – The most adaptable chamber system on the market, easy to retrofit and compatible with all known flexographic presses.

  • Standard features
  • Easy use benefits
  • Life time corrosion free guarantee

Is your ink transfer and doctoring system up to date?

FlexoArt is a Swedish industrial manufacturing company specialized in ink transfer and doctoring systems for flexo and rotogravure printing. Our key USP is ”Low Blade Pressure”. In short, very very low doctor blade pressure against the anilox, resulting in extremely cost efficient inking.

Narrow-web = 0-700mm
Mid-web = 700-1100mm
Wide-web = 1100+mm

The anilox has a surface with small cells that are emptied by the cliché, empty cells is being filled by air that are transported into the chamber, in the chamber the air needs to get out and new ink has to fill these cells to be able to make a new repeat.

This process is normally made with an over pressure inside the chamber which can lead to a build up of air and this can lead to an “explosion” that shows as a starvation in the print.

FlexoArt has been ground breaking in air escaping technology and uses a technology that evaporate the air continually and secure a high quality print even in high speed machines.

The low pressure technology also gives the ink time to take out small air bubbles from the ink during the circulation.

The angle of the doctor blade is very important to make a clean doctoring, Flexoart has a range of different profiles that gives the correct blade angle for all difference anilox diameters. To maintain the correct blade angle it is extremely important to have a low blade pressure otherwise the blade will be bent and the angle altered which means you have no control over the angle. This will not only lead to spitting and uneven cell fill but also uneven blade wear that cause leakage.

The time to fill an anilox cell is determined by the speed of the machine and the opening of the chamber. The trend is to have a small opening in the chamber to minimize the hydraulic pressure that is caused when attempting to fill the cells with an overpressure.

Thanks to FlexoArts ingenious design we can maintain a larger opening which helps filling the cells even in high speed.

Flexoart has unique chamber design that let the air escape from the chamber and ensures that the cells are filled with ink and prevents starvation even in high speeds.
This in combination with correct blade angles and low blade pressure that prevents spitting and uneven blade wear ensures a top quality print.

FlexoArt - Chamber System

Chamber system vs Fountain/Rubber Roll

  • Always the same colours regardless speed, heat, setting and time
  • Controlled varnish or ink quantity
  • Improve ink intensity / shorter dry time / less energy for the drier
  • Easy converted
  • Closed system – less leakage/splashing
  • Closed system – less evaporation
  • Require less supervision
  • Ink savings 30%


  • Less variation, repeater – less waste, accurate from start-up
  • Less complaint
  • Save ink
  • Short payback time

FlexoArt chamber system
vs Other manufacturer

  • Less vibration – better printing
  • Easy exchangeable chamber
  • Stainless steel
  • Less ink in circulation
  • GripTite – strip steel holder
  • Affordable spare parts
  • Easy washing
  • Easy to clean the whole system
  • Extremely quick chamber change