GripTite Jig

FlexoArt - GripTites Jig

If the GripTites are damaged, not installed correctly or perfectly aligned you will not have the optimal function of your FlexoArt chamber.

The GripTite Jig is a must-have when performing repairs on your GripTite holders. It keeps your FlexoArt chamber in a fixed position making sure that the GripTites are perfectly aligned.

Using the GripTite Jig no measuring is needed, you simply fixate the FlexoArt chamber in the GripTite Jig and replace the GripTite holders in a matter of minutes.

You can always send you FlexoArt Chamber directly to our facilities and our skilled technicians can perform the repairs making sure the GripTites are perfectly aligned.


FlexoArt - GripTite Jig
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FlexoArt - GripTite Jig