Service Table

When time for service or maintenance of your FlexoArt Chamber you need a dedicated workspace with all the tools and consumables in place close at hand.

That is why we have developed the FlexoArt Service Table. Easy to assembly it offers you all the options needed to enable safe and easy handling of your FlexoArt Chambers.

Store your precut Blades, End-seals and Extra-chambers in a safe position ready to use.

Have your FlexoArt Chamber Service Fixture mounted on your Service Tabletop offering a solid grip of your FlexoArt chamber during service and maintenance.

Available in two sizes 1500mm and 2000mm.
Included in package;

– 1pc net basket, 1pc plier holder, 1pc screwdriver holder, 2pcs magnetic hooks.
Depth – 720mm.
Height tabletop – 840mm.
Height total – 1420mm.
Pegboard – 9x9mm c-c 38mm.

Pegboard Tool hangers:
Magnetic hook, Spray can holder, Plier holder, Screw driver holder

Doctor blade Box holder:
A box holder and lead designed to house doctor blade boxes for easy roll-off and cutting.

Chamber service fixture:
Made of stainless steel the FlexoArt chamber fixture fits perfectly to your Service Table offering a solid grip of the FlexoArt chamber during service and maintenance.

Chamber storage rack:
This sturdy design holds you chambers in a safe out of the way position under your tabletop, ready for service and maintenance or reassembly to your FlexoArt unit.

The FlexoArt Service Table is based on a strong aluminum sub-frame, a solid stainless steel top surface and a square hole pegboard all made of high quality components.

The design offers great strength and durability as well as simple assembly and use.

Shipped in a flat-pack for quick and easy assembly.

Customized options available to make a complete work station for your specific needs.


FlexoArt - Service Table
FlexoArt - Service Table
FlexoArt - Service Table
FlexoArt - Service Table
FlexoArt - Chamber Service Fixture
FlexoArt - Extra chambers