Reverse valve

FlexoArt - Reverse valve


Save ink and time by incorporating the FlexoArt reverse valve into your inking and washing system

Evacuate ink from the chamber fast and effective, no ink waste, turn the valve and wash the system simple, fast and effective.
With a turn of a handle the valve is back to supplying ink to the chamber.
Use it as stand-alone or mount directly onto a FlexoArt pump.
High quality, low maintenance ink tight operation, well suited for the harsh printing environment.

*Tech Tip – Converts your single direction diaphragm pump into a two-way pump!

Tech spec

Tech spec:

Max bore dia 19mm(3/4”)
Connection 12(1/2”) or 19(3/4”)mm hose

Comes as bolt-on and with 2off 90° elbows and hose fittings


Pneumatic valve for remote operation
Weld plate available, for easy integration


FlexoArt - Reverse valve integrated
FlexoArt - Reverse valve kit
FlexoArt - Reverse valve pneumatic