FlexoArt - Auxillary


Floor stand for both single and dual pump

The FlexoArt floor stand enables you to place the pump perfectly positioned for your operation.
If you need the position to be flexible, the Floor stand on wheels is your best choice.
Possible to be custom built.

A range of optional addons makes your setup complete.

  • Ink tank lid – Fits all kind of buckets, inspection cover and multiple inlet holes
  • Ink tank – Pressure turned stainless steel, 20 liters with ¾” bottom valve included
  • Ink tank suspension ring – Puts your tank in any position or keeps the lid in place
  • Ink pipe for Ink tank – Keep your hoses in place, easy movable to the detergent bucket
  • Trolley – Movable ink station or bucket for easy access and cleaning


FlexoArt - Single pump stand
FlexoArt - Diaphragm pump stand
FlexoArt - Pump stand ink pot