FlexoArt Strip Steel – Doctor Blade

FlexoArt - Strip Steel

Doctor Blades

Fast, simple, safe

  • The GT holder and Stripsteel doctor blades is the most cost effective combo.
  • Saves raw material and time “you only exchange the edge”
  • Wide selection of top quality doctor blades.
  • All corners rounded to prevent cuts and simplify the handling.

It is simply a great product to optimize working time on the primary task, to print.

Our wide range of Swedish spring steel blades are available spooled up on rolls, a higher volume format of delivery. Leaving the length cutting and edge preparation to the customers.

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Remember to use FlexoArt kevlar safety gloves and pair of pliers when handling doctor blades.

FlexoArt - Gloves and pair of pliers


FlexoArt - Precut Strip Steel
FlexoArt - Precut Strip Steel cut
FlexoArt - Strip Steel