Converts your letter press into a high quality Flexo printer

Excellent printing – Cost effective – Easy integration.

The FlexoArt UV-FLEXO Printing Unit offers a unique combination of letter press-, rotary screen- and UV-flexo printing for Gallus® R160/R200.

  • Easy to integrate and replace your existing letterpress or rotary screen unit in any printing position on a Gallus machine
  • One complete kit containing all necessary parts to convert to real UV-flexo printing system
  • Save money by using existing collet shaft and letterpress cylinders
  • Exact ink supply and easy cleaning with FlexoArt doctor blade system
  • Easy change from left to right hand printing unit with a 180ᵒ turn of anilox with no tools required
  • Available for water based inks on request

Technical data

Printing width:


Printing length:

max 457,20mm (18”) , Min 234,95mm (9,25”)

Printing length increment:

3,175mm (1/8”)

Printing speed:

20-100 m/min


FlexoArt - Gallus Retrofit
FlexoArt - Gallus Retrofit