Race Transmission

Race Transmission

Pulleys and belts available in custom made sizes as well as stocked solutions for Super Twin...

On Board Clutch

On Board Clutch

Clutch assembly for Super Twin TF racing complete with belt and managing system.

Dairy Packaging

Dairy Packaging

High quality machining parts in stainless steel for dairy packaging industry.

Drive Shaft

Drive Shaft

Custom turned shafts in high tensile chrome moly steel.

Flexo and hacksaw blades

Flexo and hacksaw blades

Test unit for flexo printing on hacksaw blades. It is the first time ever that FlexoArt mounted a...

  • Race Transmission

    Race Transmission

  • On Board Clutch

    On Board Clutch

  • Dairy Packaging

    Dairy Packaging

  • Drive Shaft

    Drive Shaft

  • Flexo and hacksaw blades

    Flexo and hacksaw blades





2-Speed "SS"

Standard gear box. Known in the entire drag racing world. Manufactured since 1990 in over 100 copys. Suitable for all type of mc - dragracing.



2-Speed "Magnum"

Bentec's latest racing product. Changeable first gear. Many improvements on well-tried construction and design. Easy to convert engine plates from the "SS"-model.



Up-date Kit gear box

Converts your old gear box to "SS" - model.



"BOSS" Clutch

Latest clutch from Bentec Racing. Please click on pic for more details!



"BIG" Clutch

Complete with beltdrive. Specially designed and manufactured for Harley racing. Beltdrive for two different ratios available. Different belt qualities available. Front pulleys with hub for Harleys, PRP and Overkill or as blanks.



On-board Clutch

For different types of dragbikes, Top Fuel, Funny bikes or Twins. Design with either 3, 4 or 5 plates. Complete gear box - clutch solutions available!



"Push button"

Available for mounting on either PM or ISR brakes or as blanks.




Available for 630 chains, from z18 to z25.



Grinding Machine

Machine which enables grinding of clutch plates and floaters.